Thursday, November 10, 2016

រៀនភាសាអង់គ្លេសតាមរឿងនិទាន-Learn English Through Story ★ Subtitles: The Princess Diaries (elementary level) - ខំរៀន



Published on Oct 15, 2016
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➤ Short description:
Mia Thermopolis lives with her mother in New York City. One day her life changes forever as she discovers that she is the Princess of Genovia. Mia must forget her teenage ways and learn royal etiquette.
But Mia doesn't want to be a princess or live in Europe. She wants to be a normal teenage girl. What will happen to Mia when her classmates find out who she really is?


➤ Contents: (Click to jump to any chapter of video.)
00:00:19 --- Chapter 1: I am Mia
00:11:46 --- Chapter 2: “You’re a Princess!”
00:20:16 --- Chapter 3: Lilly’s Place
00:27:35 --- Chapter 4: The Thermopoli Renaldo Agreement
00:36:10 --- Chapter 5: Grandmere
00:44:50 --- Chapter 6: Blond Hair and Fake Nails
00:53:29 --- Chapter 7: A New Friend
01:02:26 --- Chapter 8: In the News
01:10:58 --- Chapter 9: I’m Famous!
01:19:10 --- Chapter 10: My First Date
01:27:56 --- Chapter 11: The Wrong Kind of Boy


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