Thursday, November 10, 2016

រៀនភាសាអង់គ្លេសតាមរឿងនិទាន-Learn English through story - NA - Remember - Advanced Level -ខំរៀន



Published on May 23, 2016
Learn English through story - Remember - Advanced Level

Despite being sisters, Jan and Kate had never been too close to each other. From childhood their father given all the love and attention to Kate. And so, as a result Kate got a proper education at Oxford which helped her to escape Lewisham for Marlow where she became a successful lawyer. Kate also had a happy marriage with an investor who gave her two beautiful kids. They lived peacefully in a big, fashionable house with a servant. Meanwhile, Jan had to go work at once after school so she had little education and no skills. Her marriage was a disaster which left her with an uncontrollable daughter. One of the worst things was that she stuck in Lewisham. When Jan and Kates’ father died, his wife started to lose her memory. Gradually she became so helpless that could not be left alone for a minute. Therefore, Jan, as the only daughter who lived near enough to her mother, had soon become responsible for her. This was despite Jan having to work and having to constantly stand the crazy things that her mother did. Jan tried to get help from sister, but it seemed that Kate was too busy and too selfish to share the responsibility of caring for their mother.

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