Thursday, November 10, 2016

រៀនភាសាអង់គ្លេសតាមរឿងនិទាន-Learn English Through Story ● HE KNOWS TOO MUCH -- Alan Maley -- Advanced Level ✔ខំរៀន



Published on Oct 12, 2016
Learn English Through Story ● HE KNOWS TOO MUCH -- Alan Maley -- Advanced Level ✔
Level: advanced
The beginning of this story starts in 1986 in India. Dick had been working as a general manager in a multinational company for a long time. He’s family came there from Cambridge, England’s town. One day Dick has discovered misconduct by his colleague. Vish worked as office manager and spent the company’s and employee’s money for personal purposes. Of course, Dick has decided to report the matter to his boss Keith, who was in England. Dick has told Keith all of it. Keith said he would sort out and told him not to get involved in that case. But nothing was happening and the situation became tense. Dick had been retired by his boss, and he left with his family to England. Injustice and a lot of free time played a bad joke with our hero…
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