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Published on Dec 10, 2013
ទង់ជាតិខ្មែរ (Cambodian Flag) by Cambodian Youth
Initiator: Riem Sok Phirom
Lyric: Nokor Khmer Center
Music: SmallWorldSmallBand
Singers: Riem Sok Phirom, Miss. Rithy Lomor Kesor, Miss. Alis Sopor, Mr. Ousa

Translated lyrics:

Cambodian Flag / Khmer Flag Song

1. Oh, Cambodian Flag! We love our nation, a nation of prestigious culture. So generous and peaceful, a warm place to live.

2. Oh, Cambodian Flag! Sentinel of the nation, wherever you may be, you are a Cambodian. We take pride in our timeless culture, our honorable race. That's what we all have to maintain.

R. We are all Cambodian, safeguard our ancestral heritage. Our prosperous culture, work together as one. Through solidarity and unity, to advance our country forward. We are all Cambodia, the mark of a true Cambodian.

3. The symbol of the nation, flying high in the sky, with the king who grants us shade, protecting us from all with peace and happiness. The whole of Cambodia is blessed. 

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