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ភពទាំង ៥ ដែលអាចទ្រទ្រង់ជីវិតមនុស្ស - 5 Planets That Can Sustain Human Life - ខំរៀន


ភពទាំង ៥ ដែលអាចទ្រទ្រង់ជីវិតមនុស្ស - 5 Planets That Can Sustain Human Life
Published on Sep 14, 2016
The Earth is the perfect habitat for humans – the statement is true, but unfortunately no longer up to date. Wars, genetic modifications, dangerous viruses, rapidly declining ecosystems and ozone holes – Mother Nature will hardly put up with all this abuse much longer. So, will this planet be habitable for humans one hundred years from now? Two hundred years? A thousand years?

The first space body at the top of the list is the Moon, the Earth’s natural satellite. The Moon has a number of advantages over other celestial bodies, one of these being its proximity to our planet.

Mars. Every Tom, Dick and Harry now knows that NASA is shooting for a crewed mission to the Red Planet by the 2030s. But will humans manage to survive on Mars long enough? They definitely will! Though not without certain challenges.
Ceres is a dwarf planet between Mars and Jupiter, with its orbit situated in the Main Asteroid Belt. This planet could become quite a comfortable place for the human race. By astronomers’ estimates, Ceres might be composed of 25% water, which means it contains more fresh water than the Earth.

Meanwhile, as long as there’s no urgent need to get away from this planet, grasp the chance to subscribe to our channel and make yourself better equipped to face challenges than anybody else!

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